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Customer Service


Outsourcing customer service is a new trend. Hiring a virtual assistant will drive the focus on fulfilling your customers’ needs, including the handling of complaints and add-on sales. Being available for every question that comes up regarding your product and service will allow your customers to have a maximum positive and memorable experience with your brand.  


Before your virtual assistant will take over the communication with your customers, we will send you a questionnaire where you can provide us with all the information we need to know about your brand, product and service. We will discuss this questionnaire in detail before we start our collaboration. Your virtual assistant will become an expert of your product and service and act in your name, preferably with an email created by you and become the number one contact. This service includes weekly or monthly feedback calls to help you to gradually improve your services and products. 


This service is available in English and German. 


If you like us to take care of your customer service, it will be a pleasure for us to arrange a first appointment with you.

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