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Lead Qualification

Telephone acquisition is still one of the most effective and efficient possibilities to get in touch with new clients and establish lasting customer relations. A well organized telephone acquisition strategy raises your chances of scheduling an appointment of up to 35%. 

For qualifying your leads we will first discuss your lead qualification criteria as well as a telephone guide that will become the base of every acquisition call. After all open points are clarified, you can share with me a list of internally or externally generated leads that I will call for you using major applying psychological principles leading to an appointment with you. This service is especially recommended for coaches and software companies. 

You will only be charged for appointments that really take place.

If this is exactly what you need, please drop me a message with first details and I will get back to you as soon as I can to discuss further details for working with me as your virtual business assistant.  Alternatively, you can also book an appointment.

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