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Personal Lead Generation


With more than 2K connections on LinkedIn and 7 years of experience as a business development manager for different companies, I have a big network of employees and decision-makers in companies of various industries. 

With my personal lead generation service, I will analyze together with you  what kind of people and clients you are looking for. After we discussed your target group, I will present you my strategies to find these clients. Once all open questions are answered, I will 
start looking for these people. 

The goal is to get them excited about your service and to send a job request to you. If desired I can also take care of the product or service presentation. 

For every order placed from one of my contacts I will receive a percentage of the net income as a provision. The commission will be individually agreed within a frame agreement and depends on how many sales steps you would like me to manage and how the price structure of your product is. You only pay when an order is confirmed through a signature of prepayment of the client. 

Sounds great for you? Book an appointment with me today or get in touch!  

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