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Organisation of the 1. VFX Meetup of the Year

On 7.March more than 40 compositors, 3D animators, lighting artists etc from Cologne met for a colorful exchange about new techniques, softwares and project opportunities for the first quarterly VFX meetup of this year.

In my job at Black & Code one of my main tasks is to build our network not only on the client side but also on the artists side. For me it is personally important that I have met the people I plan to work with at least once in person bevore I give them a project. This generates trust on both sides. Especially people who are in our geographical location are those where the potential of a longterm relationship is the greatest. Those people are to be known by name, encountered in public and invited to events.

Therefore, I have decided this year to provide an opportunity to the VFX community who is mainly connected virtually through a facebook group to meet in person. This was already done a couple of times before but without professional organization or a responsible person. The VFX simply have to focus on other things like self management, acquisition or production instead of organizing social nights. So I thought I could use my talent to organized something from which everybody will benefit.

In order to make sure that most of the people can make it to the event I first set up a voting on Facebook where we nailed down the date. When this was fixed I opened a Facebook event where I could get an idea of how many people may attend. When about 25 people announced their participation I had organized a greater place in a Cologne brewery. Since the amount of people was drastically increasing, I had to reserve a place for 40 people.

The event where we ended up being 60+ participants was a full success. For the artists it was a great opportunity to get together with like-minded people from various experience stage and to exchange information and updates about the latest techniques, softwares and project opportunities. A VFX bingo that I had created for the event supported the getting to know atmosphere. And of course I could also advance my network as well. Now I am excited to to work with great people I met in the future. The next meet takes l places on 19.08.2018 at 7PM Uhr. If you need more information simply contact me.

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