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Networking at the OMR Festival

The Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) Festival is one of the most important networking events for all people who are moving in the online and digital marketing sector. Here, not only business cards are exchanged but also current trends from the field are revealed. Spiced up by two big After Show Parties and a cool atmosphere the festival counts thousands of visitors every year.

Even though the focus at Fokus bei Black & Code is mainly on content creation, the decision to go to the OMR festival was made because there are many great opportunities for collaborations with other companies. Another important reason is that when we make great movie and visualizations for our clients it is important for us that those reach the specific target groups of our customers. Of course we can give hints and tips to them from our own social media experience but we are not nearly as professional like all those online marketing enterprises who have developed special engines and softwares to channel media most effectively. So my purpose at the OMR, like on the annual DMEXCO, was to make the right contacts and win potential partners for a successful content distribution .

At the OMR festival I have encountered many exciting companies who optimized the distribution of advertising content or vouchers to its greatest extent. Since many of these Technologies depend on the delivery of data optimized and visually attractive content, I could find great synergies and discuss great ideas.

Beyond that I could pick up two main trends in the digital and online marketing field: these were on the one hand the focus on bite-sized social media content and to the other hand the growing appreciation of user generated content (UGC) - content that is generated an by users with their own smartphones and cameras and shared on their personal devices. It is important to keep an eye on these trends and consider them in our services offer.

Since I was the first time on the OMR I can not draw any comparisons to the previous year. What I can say is that I found the festival very well organized. Especially the OMR app with which you could scan the QR code of the other guests and exhibitors on the festival and connect them to your Professional platforms like Xing and LinkedIn was an absolutely effective tool for networking. Also the business dating, organized by the online dating portal LOVOO who also provided Internet access on the fair, invited to the great business matching program which helped the visitors to get in touch with suitable business partners. Not to forget also the legendary Expo Party with Bausa, Oli P. and more. who heated up the atmosphere greatly in the evening while at the same time the stands of the big companies invited for snacks and drinks to their stand parties.

The cool and young undertone of the festival made it easy for the participants to get into conversations and leave all formal obligations. With delicious drinks and great music we have shared insights into our company goals and discussed possible collaboration opportunities. Back in Cologne it is now my tasks to take these ideas further and develop strategies.

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