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Online Course

Mastering Online Course Accessibility

How to make your course accessible for all students.

In this online course you will learn about:


  • The importance and advantages of making your online course more accessible to a wider audience including people with disabilities.

  • The different types of challenges students with disabilities face

  • Methods to address these challenges.

  • The importance of constantly testing and improving your accessibility features and how you can to them.

  • The upcoming accessibility trends that we can expect in the near future.

For whom is this course: 

This course is for anyone who is planning to create an online course that is accessible for all. It is also for anyone who already has an online course in place and wants to improve its accessibility and performance.

After this course, you will know everything about how you can generate an online course that is accessible to a broad audience that includes all students, no matter whether they have impairments or not. If you already have an online course running, this course will help you to significantly improve the accessibility and hence the performance of your existing online course.




📔 The course comes with a comprehensive training manual that will give you further information about each topic and lots of additional resources that you can download and use. 



All video lessons contain captions and are available as audio files.🦻🧑‍🦯🎧📄

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your skills and knowledge. Enroll today and take the first step towards achieving your personal and professional goals. You can find the link to the online course below.

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