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Online Course:
A complete step by step guide to your successful online course.

Coming soon...

I am currently in the progress of creating a compact online course in which I will share all the tips and tricks along the way of creating and selling a successful online course. In order to put all my knowledge and experience into this intensive online course, I will take a few more days. If you want to be one of the first ones finding out about the launch of this online course, please join my email list.

Why creating an online course?

Impact a greater audience.

Establish expertise and authority.

Work from anywhere at any time.

Generate passive income.

Back of a girl in a beige sweater with a flower crown standing in a rapeseed field.

The online course will cover the following areas:



Promoting & Selling

Community Building



All lessons will contain entertaining videos accompanied by self-assessment tasks, additional reading material and a comprehensive training module. 




The course will also be accessible for people with hearing and vision impairments through the use of captions and audio files.  


Available in 2 languages


It will be available in English and German. 


Join my newsletter so that I can inform you when the online course is out. 

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