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The Virtual Assistant for Your Online Course

“The first step to your successful online course is to start”

- Marie Foerste

  • > 10 video lessons.

  • A comprehensive training manual

  • Lesson-related worksheets.

  • Self-assessment tasks.

  • Downloadable articles.

  • Access to a learning community

  • Accessible for students with hearing and vision impairments.

Coming up.

Additional services available. 

  • Video calls customized to your needs and the production stage of your online course.

  • Individual strategy for multiple assistance calls. 

  • Individual self-assessment calls. 

  • Provision of additional material. 

  • Access to learning community after 5 calls. 

  • Individual feedback.

from €35/hour

Additional services available.

  • Translation of all course material

  • Manual recording of my over recording (dubbing) for all video and audio material

  • Translation of landing, sales and checkout page

Upon Request

Additional services available.

Why creating an online course?

Impact a greater audience.

Establish expertise and authority.

Work from anywhere at any time.

Generate passive income.

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“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever does.”

- Suzy Kassem

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Additional Services

If you are already in the process of creating your online course or if your online course is ready but you would like to add some additional features, there are a number of things I can do for you. 

From narrating your content and recording a lip-synched German voiceover (dubbing) to generating captions or subtitles to translations and audio editing

Just click on the service that you need to find out more. 

What clients say about me

""I have worked with Marie for over a year now, where to date she has translated over 20 of my courses into German. Marie is amazing, her translation and Voice over skills have gone far beyond what I would expected and nothing is too much trouble. She has enabled me to reach a brand new audience for my courses that I would not have been able to reach without, and has edited training manuals and done voice overs on videos - her skills are amazing.It’s been a pleasure to work with Marie and a relationship that I hope will continue as we expand more into the German e learning market. Thank you Marie!

Karen E Wells

iKEW Education

A smiling lady called Victoria Banaszak, Founder of VE Refinery, in black and white.

"Marie keeps me organised and all tasks are completed to the hugest of standards. Marie has great attention to detail and is a positive and energetic person to work with, who instils trust and easy going conversations from the start." 


VE Health Group

“I have worked with Marie on various projects with different complexities. Marie understood very fast how I wanted the tasks to be realized. The projects were delivered on time and with a credible time-tracking report. The material was always of high quality. Marie is a very reliable person and communicates effectively with her clients.”



ACT Learning

Mr. Jürgen Hall from Rethorik mit Hall in black and white.
Miss Ulrike Gretzel from the Marie is diligent, responsive, responsible, reliable, creative and incredibly hard-working. Most importantly, she has a great personality and really enjoys what she does. She is very mature and an extremely quick learner. I truly enjoyed working with her.  Ulrike  University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Metaverse Evangalist in black and white.

"Marie is diligent, responsive, responsible, reliable, creative and incredibly hard-working. Most importantly, she has a great personality and really enjoys what she does. She is very mature and an extremely quick learner. I truly enjoyed working with her."


University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign & Metaverse Evangalist

  • Can anybody create an online course?
    Yes! You don’t have to be an expert or a guru on that topic or know everything and there is almost nobody inventing something new. If you do have a new kind of knowledge or skill: great! But I can tell you that the best courses are a reproduction of already existing content put into an easily understandable structure of lessons. So your only job as a course creator is to research your topic well, organize and curate your content and put your personal touch into it.
  • What equipment do I need to create an online course?
    There are three essential things you need to create an online course: A hosting platform (or marketplace) A recording software A USB microphone A camera (inbuilt or webcam) Basic editing software I will help you chose your entire equipment when we work together.
  • Do I need a website to host my online course?
    No, you don’t necessarily need to have a website. You can host and manage your entire online course on a course creation platform or a course marketplace. I will help you chose the right medium when we work together. However, you do need a landing page. While these platforms and market places provide you with customizable landing pages, having a website will give you more freedom.
  • I already have an online course in English. Can you help me turning it into German?
    Yes! I have already turned more than 20 online courses from English into German including generating my German voice over to each one of them. If you would like to have your course turned from English into German (or vise versa), check out my course reproduction service.

That's me!

My name is Marie and I am helping you to create a successful online course. You can choose to either work 1:1 with me or join our online course and community. In case you already have an online course in place and want to enter into the German or English-speaking market, I can translate your entire course into German or English, including recording my voice onto your video and audio material. If you want to find out more about me and my journey of becoming a VA for online course creation please visit my About Me page

And if you want to get to know me more, contact me via Email or schedule a 30-min free call using my calendar. 

Marie Föste sitting with a black sweater on her desk smiling into the camera
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