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8 Reasons to work with a Virtual Business Assistant

Virtual business assistants are motivated people that help you with tasks that do not belong to your daily business but are important for the further development of your company. Virtual business assistants complete tasks on demand, location-independent, professional and efficiently.

There are many reasons why modern businesses decide more frequently to work with virtual business assistants. This blog post summarizes the eight most typical reasons:

1. More time for your core activities

Probably the most stated reason to work with a virtual business assistant is the extreme amount of time that you save. While your virtual business assistant is completing your task, you can lean back and focus on your core activities.

2. Less HR costs and no long-term commitment

As virtual business assistants work as freelancers, you only pay after the submission of a task. There are no monthly HR responsibilities, complicated paperworks or cancellation periods. This allows full control of your costs as well as transparency. And if you get on well with your virtual business assistant this may be the start of a wonderful long-term collaboration.

3. Last-minute assignments

Finding competent employees can quickly become an exhausting task. Promoting job posts, evaluating applications, executing interviews and onboarding new people demand a significant amount of extra time. All this cannot be done in a few days. With the posting of specific requests, well-qualified virtual business assistants can rapidly get acquired and start with the tasks within hours or a few days.

4. Flexible Employment

Virtual business assistants often specialize in various fields like transcriptions, translations, website programming, lead qualification, SEO and so on. But also when you have a request that you cannot really relate to a typical field, most virtual business assistants will be happy to help you with your individual task.

5. Efficiency and Professionalism

Virtual business assistants have chosen this job because they are happy to contribute to the growth of a company or the success of projects. Most have worked in or with various companies before and focus now on specific areas. By this they are not only experts in their fields but can also consult you in professional decisions.

6. Independent of Time

Many virtual business assistants work location-independent and international. This can be a big advantage for you as urgent tasks can also be completed in the evening or on the weekend.

7. Low-Risk Outsourcing

Outsourcing has been a trend in many companies for the past years. As you don’t need to involve an external service provider, working with virtual business assistants can become a cost effective and low-risk start into your outsourcing strategy.

8. No resources needed

As virtual business assistants work location-independent, they are often very well technically equipped. They have powerful computers, access to professional data banks and own specific software licenses. Beyond that they are bringing a vast amount of experiences working with various digital tools and don’t need a space in your office.

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